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Are you in a position that requires legal help or strategy?

Our network of legal defense and representation can help you! We are advocates of justice who hand pick and work with legal experts daily. Weather bitten by a dog or wrongfully accused contact us now and we will help you.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

The justice system isn’t always right and life does not always end Like a LAW & ORDER episode. Many times the bad guy goes free while the wrongfully accused go months and years separated from their family with no income or support. We support the accused until proven guilty by a court of law, our fundraising system gives those in need support and help.

14 years after the murder A hard working father is accused of murdering a woman who was under investigation for multiple armed kidnappings

Billy Nunoz, a dedicated father, and the hard-working business owner is sitting in jail 14 years after the death of. He has been placed under arrest based on testimonials given by known
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